I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I earned a BA in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. My research focuses on the reproduction of inequality within the workplace and family, paying particular attention to gender and social class. Currently, I am examining the causes and consequences of workplace gender inequality across various sectors of the economy – from the low-wage service sector to the high-wage tech industry. 


My dissertation draws on in-depth interviews with tech workers to understand how workplace inequality is reproduced in the San Francisco Bay Area tech industry. The project moves beyond the supply-side explanation of the educational pipeline to understand how gender inequalities are reproduced within the tech workplace. I investigate multiple facets of the tech industry that may contribute to gender inequality, from the language used to discuss workplace diversity, to the gendered role sorting within tech companies, to the various ways that women contort themselves to embody the image of an ideal tech worker. 

In other research projects, I have focused on social class differences in how adolescents learn about finances within the home. I have also examined how mothers and fathers working in the service industry deploy their status as parents at work, how scheduling practices affect the child care arrangements of parents working low-wage service jobs, and the experiences of middle-income families during the Great Recession.



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