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Sigrid Luhr. (Forthcoming). “Engineering Inequality: Informal Coaching, Glass Walls, and Social Closure in Silicon Valley.”  American Journal of Sociology.

Preprint available here

Sigrid Luhr. (2024). “‘You’re Really Stuck’: Housing Strategies and Compromises in the San Francisco Bay Area.” City & Community. 

Read the article here

Sigrid Luhr. (2023). “’We’re Better than Most’: Diversity Discourse in the San Francisco Bay Area Tech Industry.” Social Problems.

Read the article here

Sigrid Luhr, Daniel Schneider, and Kristen Harknett. (2022). “Parenting without

Predictability: Precarious Schedules, Parental Strain, and Work-Life Conflict.” RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences.

Read the article here

Kristen Harknett, Daniel Schneider, and Sigrid Luhr.  (2022). “Who Cares if Parents have Unpredictable Work Schedules?: The Association between Just-in-Time Work Schedules and Child Care Arrangements.” Social Problems 69(1):164-183.

*Featured in the New York Times, Ms. Magazine, and Deseret News

*Mentioned in the Schedules that Work Act (H.R. 5004)

Read the article here

Sigrid Luhr. (2020). “Signaling Parenthood: Managing the Motherhood Penalty and Fatherhood Premium in the U.S. Service Sector.” Gender & Society 34(2): 259-283.

*ASA Family Section Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award, 2022

*James D. Thompson Graduate Student Paper Award, Honorable Mention, ASA OOW Section, 2021

*Herbert Blumer Prize, UC Berkeley, 2020

*Featured on the Gender & Society Blog and Podcast

Read the article here

Sigrid Luhr. (2018). “How Social Class Shapes Adolescent Financial Socialization: Understanding Differences in the Transition to Adulthood.” Journal of Family and Economic Issues 39(3): 457-473.

Read the article here

Dani Carrillo, Kristen Harknett, Allison Logan, Sigrid Luhr, and Daniel Schneider (2017). “Instability of Work and Care: How Work Schedules Shape Child-Care Arrangements for Parents Working in the Service Sector." Social Service Review 91(3): 422-455. (Equal authorship).

*Breul Memorial Prize for Best Article Published in Social Service Review in 2017 (Finalist)

Read the article here

Jeanna Parsons Leigh, Anne Gauthier, Roberta Iversen, Sigrid Luhr, and Laura Napolitano. (2016). “Caught In Between: Neoliberal Rhetoric and Middle-income Families in Canada and the United States.” Journal of Family Studies. 24(2): 170-186. 

Read the article here


Irene Bloemraad, Benjamin Bowyer, and Sigrid Luhr. (equal authorship). “Support-seeking in Times of Hardship: Logics of Use Across Safety-net Domains.” Under Review.



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